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The file:

contains information about chromosomal features for
Candida lusitaniae CBS6936.

This Candida-related strain is not actively curated
by CGD, and this file is updated only when major
sequence or gene model changes are introduced.

Columns within the file:

1.  Feature name; this is the primary name
2.  Gene name, if available
3.  Aliases (multiples separated by |)
4.  Feature type
5.  Chromosome or Contig name
6.  Start Coordinate
7.  Stop Coordinate
8.  Strand
9.  Primary CGDID
10. Secondary CGDID (if any)
11. Description
12. Date Created
13. Sequence Coordinate Version Date (if any)
14. Blank
15. Blank
16. Date of gene name reservation (if any).
17. Has the reserved gene name become the standard name? (Y/N)
18. Blank

Funding: NIDCR at US NIH, grant number 1-R01-DE015873-01