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The GSEA_Nantel_2012 directory contains files for running Gene Set
Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) on Candida albicans data, kindly supplied
to CGD by Andre Nantel.

From Andre Nantel, April, 2012:

> Attached are the files necessary for running a GSEA analysis on Candida
> microarray data. The GSEA application is avalable at this site:
> The .gmt file is the most important. Each gene set is listed in a single
> line. The first column is the geneset name with an underscore indicating the
> source. Second column is a description field including the Pubmed ID number.
> Member genes are in subsequent columns.
> "orf19." had to be removed from the identifiers because it was interfering
> with the Enrichment Map cytoscape plug-in which I found to be very useful.
> I have also included an .rnk file as an example of a simple ranked list from
> a single condition taken from the recent paper by Shapiro et al.
> Cheers,
> Andre Nantel, M.Sc., Ph.D.
> Senior Research Officer
> Life Sciences | NRC Human Health Therapeutics Portfolio
> National Research Council of Canada
> Building Montreal - Royalmount | 6100 Royalmount | Montreal (Quebec) | H4P
> 2R2