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The files contain the phenotype data for all the
features in CGD.  Individual species have their own phenotype file in this 
directory.  The format is a tab-delimited table with the following columns:

1) Feature Name (Mandatory)		-The feature name of the gene
2) Feature Type (Mandatory)		-The feature type of the gene	
3) Gene Name (Optional)			-The standard name of the gene
4) CGDID (Mandatory)			-The CGDID of the gene
5) Reference (CGD_REF Required,         -PMID: ####|CGD_REF: #### (separated by pipe)(one reference per row)
              PMID optional)				
6) Experiment Type (Mandatory)		-The method used to detect and analyze the phenotype
7) Mutant Type (Mandatory) 		-Description of the impact of the mutation on activity of the gene product
8) Allele (Optional)			-Allele name and description, if applicable
9) Strain background (mandatory) 	-Genetic background in which the phenotype was analyzed
10) Phenotype (Mandatory)		-The feature observed and the direction of change relative to wild type
11) Chemical (Optional)			-Any chemicals relevant to the phenotype
12) Condition (Optional)		-Condition under which the phenotype was observed
13) Details (Optional)			-Details about the phenotype
14) Reporter (Optional)			-The protein(s) or RNA(s) used in an experiment to track a process
15) Anatomical Structure (Optional)     -The Fungal Anatomy Ontology term
                                         that denotes the affected structure for an anatomical phenotype
16) Virulence Model (Optional)		-The model system used to assess the virulence of a mutant
17) Species

The content of the file is updated weekly. For further details about
how phenotype information is recorded, please see:

Please note that prior to February 24, 2010, CGD mutant phenotype data
were provided in a file named '', whose
format was as follows:

- systematic name
- standard name
- primary CGDID
- mutant type 
- mutant phenotype
- notes
- reference (PMID)