Candida glabrata CBS138 Genome Snapshot/Overview


This page provides information on the status of the C. glabrata CBS138 genome. Data on this page are updated once a day. All the data displayed on this page are available in one or more files (Chromosomal Feature File; GO Annotations File; Candida Go Slim Annotations File) on the CGD Download Data page. The Advanced Search tool can also be used to retrieve chromosomal features that match specific criteria.


1. Graphical View of Protein Coding Genes
2. Genome Inventory
3. Summary of Chromosome Sequence and Annotation Updates
4. Summary of GO annotations
5. Distribution of Gene Products by Process, Function, and Component

Graphical View of Protein Coding Genes (as of Jul 17, 2024)

4715 ORFs, 89.43% 557 ORFs, 10.57%

Genome Inventory (as of Jul 17, 2024)

This table reports the number and types of features annotated in CGD, per chromosome (excluding unmapped features). To get a list of all features of a certain type (e.g., Verified ORF, tRNA, etc.), select that feature type. To access more information on the individual chromosome (e.g., sequence, a listing of all features on that chromosome, etc.), select each chromosome name. (Feature types that are not yet annotated in CGD are not listed in the table below.)

Feature TypeTotalChromosome
ChrAChrBChrCChrDChrEChrFChrGChrHChrIChrJChrKChrLChrMNuclear genomeMitochondrial genome
Total ORFs5272203217238288280385439465464517563579623526111
Verified ORFs557342232284742474440426045735561
Uncharacterized ORFs4715169195206260233343392421424475503534550470510
Chromosome length (bp)12,746,276527,800512,655594,526667,900707,423957,5151,010,2921,057,3881,142,5251,247,5631,307,0901,528,2641,465,27212,726,21320,063

Summary of Chromosome Sequence and Annotation updates

As new data become available, CGD curators update the systematic sequence and its annotation. This table summarizes the sequence and/or annotation updates made for each chromosome.

Select the chromosome number to retrieve the corresponding Chromosome History page, which provides details on all the updates for that chromosome. Current and past versions of the sequence and annotation are also available on the CGD
Download Data page. Detailed information about the sequence data in CGD, including the sources from which sequence-based information are dervived, and a history of the reference strain genome assemblies, is found on the Sequence Documentation page.

If you are aware of additional sequence or annotation changes that should be made to the reference sequence, please send a message to CGD curators. At this time, CGD does not record sequence variation between SC5314 and other strains of C. glabrata CBS138.