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All the search options listed below search for information within the Candida Genome Database

X  CGD Basic Searches
Note: All searches are case insensitive; wildcard character (*) ok; only last names of colleagues are searched
CGD Quick Search:
Use a keyword to simultaneously search by major categories of information in CGD (gene name, locus description, GO terms, GO IDs, phenotypes, colleagues, authors, PubMed IDs, biochemical pathway names, orthologs and best hits in S. cerevisiae and other Candida species. Examples: 'ACT1', 'orf19.2203', 'orf6.1022', 'transcription', 'Smith'. The asterisk character (*) may be used as a wild card.
CGD Text Search:
Use a keyword to simultaneously search all of the categories of information in CGD that are included in the Quick Search, plus locus history notes, paper abstracts, and gene name descriptions.
X  CGD Advanced Searches

Advanced Search
Find a chromosomal feature (e.g., gene, ORF, centromere) based on selected criteria (e.g., chromosome number, GO-Slim terms, etc.)
Full-text Literature Search
Customizable keyword searching of the full-text of over 16,500 Candida journal articles with Textpresso, a tool developed at Wormbase
Batch Download
Simultaneous retrieval of multiple types of data for a list of gene or feature names
Expanded Phenotype Search
Search the text of all phenotype information to find phenotypes of interest and view the genes associated with them, or browse the entire list of phenotype terms
GO Slim Mapper
This tool determines to which GO-slim terms a set of Candida genes is annotated
GO Term Finder
This tool determines the signficant GO terms that a set of Candida genes shares in common

X  Specialized Pathway Searches

Pathway Query Page
Search biochemical pathway information in CGD, using the query functionality integral to the Pathway Tools software.

X  Specialized Gene and Sequence Searches

Gene/Sequence Resources (Get Sequence)
Retrieve, display, and analyze a gene or sequence in many ways, such as protein translation and restriction mapping.

Compare any query sequence against various Candida datasets

GBrowse Genome Browser
for C. albicans SC5314 Assembly 22
for C. albicans SC5314 Assembly 21
for C. albicans SC5314 Assembly 19
for C. dubliniensis CD36
for C. glabrata CBS138
for C. parapsilosis CDC317
View and navigate genomic sequence

Chromosome History Search
View the complete sequence and annotation history of each Assembly 22 chromosome

Summary of Genome Versions
View the complete history of sequence and annotation changes for each genome

Pattern Matching
Locate DNA or protein sequence patterns

Design Primers
Design sequencing and PCR primers

Restriction Analysis
Display the restriction map for a sequence

X  Search Orthologs and Best Hits:

Search orthologs or best hits to S. cerevisiae genes or genes in other Candida species by gene name. Case insensitive and wildcard character (*) searches are allowed.
X  Search CGD Web Pages

X    Search Candida Literature

Search Literature in CGD
View CGD's annotated literature guide for any gene

List of genome-wide analysis papers
Link to a list of genome-wide analysis papers (e.g., microarray analysis publications) stored in CGD

X  Search Colleague Information

Search CGD Colleagues
Search contact information submitted to CGD by Candida researchers

Candida Laboratories
Links to PIs of laboratories that study Candida

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