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A brief description of CGD resources & tools, organized by topic. Links to help documentation. Compares and contrasts similar resources.

Getting Started with CGD
Common uses of CGD

Gene Nomenclature Guide
Information about the various types of gene names/identifiers that are in use. Guidelines for registering a new gene name, as agreed upon by the members of the research community.

Sequence Documentation
Information about the DNA and protein sequences in CGD. How to access sequence information. The source of these sequences and further explanation of some sequence-related issues.

Search Help
Documentation about search tools in CGD. Additional tool-specific documentation is available:
Advanced Search|Batch Download|Get Sequence|Full-text Literature Search (Textpresso)

GBrowse Help
Navigating the genome using the GBrowse Genome Browser. How to view nucleotide and protein sequence in GBrowse.

BLAST Documentation
How to use the BLAST tool to query sequence similarity in CGD. A detailed description of the search output is found on the BLAST Results help page.

Non-standard Genetic Code Usage in Candida
Information about translation tables used in CGD. Candida albicans and some related species (often called the "CTG clade") use a non-standard genetic code, "Translation table 12: Alternative Yeast Nuclear Code," to translate nuclear genes.

Pattern Matching Tool Documentation
How to use the Patmatch tool to locate DNA or protein sequence patterns in CGD.

Primer Design Tool Documentation
How to use the Webprimer tool to design primers for PCR or for sequencing.

Restriction Analysis
How to use the Genome Restriction Analysis tool to compute a restriction map based on DNA sequence.

Biochemical Pathways
How to search and navigate metabolic pathway information in CGD.

Gene Ontology (GO) Documentation
A guide to the Gene Ontology information and tools in CGD:
What is GO? | SGD GO Tutorial | GO Slim Mapper Help | GO Term Finder Help

CGD Web Page Help
A guide to the types of information found on CGD web pages:
Locus | Literature Guide | CGD Paper | Mutant Phenotype

Protein Pages
A guide to the resources available from the Protein tab on the Locus Summary page for each ORF:
Protein Information Page | Domains/Motifs Page | Protein Physicochemical Properties | PDB Homolog Page

CGD Download Help
README documents describing some of files available for download from CGD (full list on the Download Index page):
Gene Ontology (GO) Annotations File | Chromosomal Feature File | Sequence Files

CGD Quick Resource Guide
A pamphlet (download pdf) that describes the content and usage of many resources available at CGD. The guide was developed a few years ago and so it does not include the latest features added to CGD, but it provides an overview of the basic functions and types of information available.

Terms and definitions, provided by Saccharomyces Genome Database

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Answers to some of the most common questions asked by CGD users

What's New in CGD
Changes and additions to CGD services

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