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Description & Usage

CGD Curated Paper pages display relevent information for individual publications referenced in CGD. Each Curated Paper page contains three sections:

(1) Citation & Abstract

This section lists the paper citation, the abstract, and other relevent details including publication status and type, CGD's source for the citation, and the publication's PubMed ID. If the publication has multiple authors, only the first author is listed in the citation. All other authors can be found in the Author Search pulldown menu.

When appropriate, several icons are included in this section as links to additional information. The PubMed icon links to the PubMed's entry for the publication. If full text is available online, it can be accessed through an Online Journal icon. If no Online Journal icon appears on the page, then CGD does not have ready access to online full text. If there are comments or errata relevent to this citation, either published or personal communication to CGD, they will be linked via a Comments & Errata icon. The absence of the Comments & Errata icon indicates that CGD has not cataloged any comments or errata relevent to this citation.

(2) Summary Chart

This section contains a chart summarizing the genes and Literature covered by the publication. Literature topics are listed as row headings (y-axis) while genes are listed as column headings (x-axis). An "X" in the chart indicates that this paper addresses that Literature Topic for that gene. Other papers that address the same Literature Topic and gene can be retrieved by clicking on the appropriate "X." More literature, as well as detailed gene information, is available through individual CGD Locus pages. Each gene name is hyperlinked to the appropriate CGD Locus page.

Curation of papers in CGD is an ongoing process and some citations may be linked to genes but not curated for all, or any, of those genes. In these cases a computerized key-word search has identified that the publication may address certain genes, but that assessment has not yet been confirmed by a CGD scientific curator. CGD scientific curators read abstracts and papers, confirm the genes addressed, and assign Literature topics. If the publication has not yet been completely curated, the message, "There are # 'not yet curated' genes for this paper," will appear in addition to, or in place of, the summary chart. This message will be followed by a list of 'not yet curated' genes which have been tentatively linked to the publication.

(3) Author Search

This feature allows users to find contact information or other publications by the authors of the publication. The authors are listed in the first pulldown menu while the search options are listed in the second pulldown menu. The search options include "Papers in CGD," "Colleagues in CGD," and "PubMed." Searching in "Papers in CGD" will look for other yeast publications by that author. Searching in "Colleagues in CGD" will find out if that author has voluntarily listed contact information with CGD. Finally, searching in "PubMed" will look for publications by that author on any subject. To use the Author Search, choose an author and a search parameter and then click the "Search!" button.

Accessing a Curated Paper page

CGD Curated Paper pages can be accessed by Author or Literature searches and through any page where references are listed.

Other Relevant Links

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  2. External Sites
    1. PubMed
    2. PubMed Journal Browser: can be used to find the full length journal name from the abbreviation; CGD uses the MEDLINE abbreviations used at PubMed.

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