CGD Help: Organization of Site

Description of Categories

To help you find the tool or resource, here is a brief description of each major categories at CGD. Many of our tools are located under multiple categories. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please refer to our sitemap or contact CGD.

Category NameDescription
Search OptionsLists all available searches at CGD, including searches for gene names, colleague information, and curated literature at CGD. Also contains links to search tools that search multiple databases or datasets.
Help ResourcesA compilation of pages to help users learn how to use the many information resources and tools at CGD.
GO ResourcesLists resources and tools that take advantage of the CGD GO annotations.
Community ResourcesContains links and information about colleagues, labs, conferences, job postings, and community news and events.
Submit DataLists all forms used to submit data to CGD, including gene registry, colleague updates, and contacting CGD.
Download DataContains links to all data available for downloading or viewing at CGD, including sequence files, gene information and GO curation in bulk format, and archived datasets.
External LinksLists links to other useful resources on the web. It is not an exhaustive list of resources.
About CGDContains information about CGD and its staff.

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