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The Colleague Submission/Update Search page allows you to edit your existing colleague entry or create a new one in CGD.

Using the Colleague Submission/Update Search

Enter your LAST name. If you think your name may be misspelled or are unsure of the spelling that CGD may have (eg. Smith vs. Smyth), you may want to use the wildcard character (*) in your search. To find both Smith and Smyth, enter Sm*th. This would retrieve all colleagues with last names that start with Sm and end in th.

Viewing the Results Table

The program will present you with a Results Table that lists all the colleagues in CGD with the last name that you entered. Check the list for your name. If you are not sure whether one of the entries in the results table is yours, click on a likely name to check it; use the Back button on your browser to return to the Results table if it is not you.

Editing your existing entry

To edit your existing entry, click on your name in the Results Table to retrieve a Colleague Update Form filled out with your existing information. Edit the form and click Submit. After CGD curators process your form, it will be available on-line.

Adding a new entry

If you cannot find your name in CGD and would like to add yourself as a colleague, click on
Add New Colleague Form the bottom of the page. You will be presented with a blank form to provide your contact information. After CGD curators process your form, this information will be available on-line.

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