Candida Genome Database

General Contact Information:
Voice: 650-498-6012
FAX: 650-724-3701

Stanford University School of Medicine


Principal Investigator

  Gavin Sherlock, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Bioinformatics and Scientific Curation Staff

Jodi Lew-Smith, Ph.D.
Senior Biocuration Scientist
  Jon Binkley
Senior Scientific Programmer

Programming, Database and Systems Administration Staff

Gail Binkley
Principal Database Administrator
Voice: 650-498-7145
  Stuart Miyasato
Senior Systems Administrator
Voice: 650-725-3125

Past Contributors

Marek Skrzypek, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Curator
Martha Arnaud, Ph.D.
Head, Scientific Curation
Maria Costanzo, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Curator
Diane Inglis, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Curator
Prachi Shah
Lead Scientific Programmer
  Farrell Wymore
Senior Scientific Programmer
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